Using the Force To Balance Both the Technical and Non-Technical Aspects of SEO

Think of SEO as “the force” from Star Wars. The idea is to commune and connect with both the technical and not-so-technical sides of the force. Yoda said it perfectly in the Empire Strikes Back:

“You must unlearn what you have learned”.

Some are new to the force. We call them the non-technical people. Others are strong in the force. We call them “technical”. In order to understand SEO and use it, you have to be knowledgeable in both sides.

1) You may not be fluid in the technical aspect, but you do have to understand its importance and know how to organize those who can implement it. Some of you may be more skilled in link building and content creation. Others may be more familiar with the IT world. This is the bridge between the technical versus non-technical SEO infrastructure.

Some are Jedi Masters. Some are Padawan Learners. Your goal is to understand the role of each and know how to get the most out of your SEO implementation.

2) You have to have a balance between your On-page and off-page strategies. It is like creating a balance between the Jedi Master and his student. You are going to have conflicts come up with your SEO infrastructure. You have to know how to resolve conflicts with both.

Think of your SEO’s hierarchy as the Jedi Master. Think of the coding errors as the Padawan Learner. Your Padawan Learner is bound to push your buttons and thinks it is too good for their role in the universe. Your role is to create a calmness with the force and remove the dark side.

Same thing goes for your social media platforms and your influencers. Every so often your influencers will test you. It is your job to understand why it is happening and work to resolve it.

3) You need to define the roles of your SEO. Which roles does the non-technical side have? What about the technical side? These roles are clearly defined within the Jedi counsel. Each one knows not to overstep certain boundaries. Yoda is the top player. Every other Jedi Master follows behind. Same thing goes for your SEO. The more each person understand their role with SEO, the less likely there is to be anger and frustration. The less likely there will be an invitation to the dark side.

4) This balance needs to happen at budget time. Is there a need for certain things with your SEO. You have to do what is good for your business. Some players will have to be sacrificed for the greater good.

5) This needs to be optimized with your workflow too. What external links are you using? What images are you using? All of this need to be confirmed through the everyone. There is no way to have balance when you are going above someone’s head. You may have a great idea of an image. It is not going to work when it contradicts how your SEO is being used.

Would someone contradict Yoda and get away with it?

Would Yoda allow a student to train in the arts when they are too old?

Conflict is normal. It begins to be a problem when your IT tech is being rebellious just for the sake of it.

The only way to bring balance to the force(SEO) is to work in concert with everyone involved, working towards a common goal.


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